Airborne’s Management and Technicians share the responsibility for occupational health and safety. Airborne follows the Ontario Health and Safety Act (OHSA) as a guide in ensuring health and safety in every aspect of our field services and believes in the OHSA Internal Responsibility System.

The OHSA Internal Responsibility System places health and safety in the hands of employers and employees. Airborne is in the best position to identify health and safety dangers and to develop solutions to those dangers. The internal responsibility system at Airborne involves every employee and is an unbroken chain of responsibility and accountability. Every employee undergoes health and safety training and every member within the company reinforces health and safety practices as a unified team.

Airborne regards health and safety as a top priority in protecting its clients, employees, subcontractors and the general public and believes that any danger is avoidable with the proper health and safety training. Airborne’s technicians are hired because they hold above average levels of qualifications. Our technicians then undergo specialized health and safety training in addition to their premium skills. Airborne believes that these standards of excellence put health and safety in the forefront of every task.

Airborne Mechanical Systems Inc. will forever ensure that the chain of health and safety is never broken.